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Movie Madness, by Jonas Seaman

October 25, 2017

By Jacqueline Tobin

© Jonas Seaman Photography

Talk about being a movie buff! Tiffani and Schuyler got married on Friday the 13th in an old historic movie palace in Tampa, Florida. Says Seattle-based wedding photographer Jonas Seaman of his clients: “They got to put their names up in lights on the theater’s marquee, and in keeping with a Friday the 13th theme, they replaced the current ‘Now Showing’ posters with campy B-movie adverts for films like Bride of Frankenstein, Bride of the Monster, and, I Married a Monster From Outer Space. Also in keeping with a cinematic theme, they screened some of their favorite love scenes from movies and TV shows right before their ceremony.”

All Photos © Jonas Seaman Photography

Seaman says that Tiffani and Schuyler were a dream to collaborate with. “They were thoughtful, quirky and open to being creative with their day. From a photography standpoint, they gave me so much to work with. They we’re always thinking in terms of how to get the most from their images.”

Initially, the groom was going to get ready at the Tampa Theatre where the ceremony was to be held. But the couple took one look at the place and realized the light would be horrible for photography. They scouted different hotels in the area, looking at the individual rooms to check out the atmosphere and light. “This is literally the first time I’ve had a couple go out of their way to make sure their getting-ready area was perfect for their photographs,” says a very impressed Seaman.

Because Seaman and his wife, Mary, are based in Seattle, they flew into Florida a day early to scout the theater during their rehearsal. “The theater managers allowed us free reign on decision making,” he says, “even letting me work closely with the theater’s lighting director to get the light just right for their ceremony images.”

During Seaman’s initial Skype session with the couple, he suggested they take a half hour at sunset to walk around the neighborhood and get some photos of just the two of them. “They expressed some concern about being awkward in their pictures,” he recalls. “It’s funny now, because they were so not awkward. They were giddy, funny and in love! Taking photos with them was a breeze. At one point, we even caught the attention of a passing bicyclist who began photobombing one of our portraits. They were all for the spontaneity and playfulness of the moment. In fact, that pretty much sums up Tiffani and Schuyler’s personalities: spontaneous and playful. Couples like this make my job so easy.”


Cameras: Canon 5D Mark III and Mark IV

Lenses: Jonas was shooting with a Canon 24mm f/1.4L, 35mm f/1.4L, and 45mm Tilt-Shift; Mary was shooting with a 50mm f/1.2L



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