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Ten Tips for Beautiful Vineyard Wedding Photos

November 8, 2023

By SLR Review

Vineyard weddings offer a picturesque and romantic backdrop for capturing stunning wedding photos. With rows of lush grapevines, scenic landscapes, and charming winery settings, there are countless opportunities to create memorable and beautiful images. In this article, we’ll explore some essential tips for capturing the magic of vineyard wedding photos through your lens.

The following images are provided by the award-winning wedding photographers at Wedding Maps and used with their permission.

Find Leading Lines

One of the secrets to captivating vineyard wedding photos is to use the rows of vineyards as natural leading lines in your compositions. These lines can draw the viewer’s eye toward the couple, creating a sense of depth and perspective that adds to the beauty of the scene.  See a few examples below.

Wadley Farms © Jessie and Dallin
Thomas Fogarty Winery © Lin and Jirsa
Grandview Vineyard © SMJ Photography

Use Foregrounds in Your Compositions

Position yourself in a different row within the vineyard and incorporate the leaves and grapevines as foreground elements in your compositions. This technique can surround the couple in a lush greenery frame, adding a touch of natural elegance to your photos.

Casa Larga Vineyards © Roc Focus
Dove Ridge Vineyard © Danni Lea Photography
Cloverleaf Farm © Kristin Cheatwood

Explore the Sides of the Vineyards

Before having the wedding couple venture deep into the vineyard, consider taking many photos on the sides. Some couples may not want to walk far or risk getting their attire dirty. The sides often provide plenty of interesting elements for your photos while keeping things convenient for the couple.

Jessie’s Grove Winery © Picturist Photography 
Wadley Farms © Jessie and Dallin
Wadley Farms © Katinov Photography

Have Your Couple Walk Through the Vineyards

If your couple is up for it, consider having them take a leisurely stroll through the vineyards. This can result in candid and heartfelt moments while showcasing the beautiful vineyard backdrop.

La Costa Galbusera Nera © Magda Moiola 
Painted Pony Vineyards © Kivus and Camera

Take an Aerial View

To capture a unique perspective of the vineyard, consider using a drone or climbing a ladder or building to get a high vantage point. Aerial shots can reveal the stunning patterns and vastness of the vineyard, adding a sense of grandeur to your wedding photos.

Parker-Binns Vineyard  © Zack Bradley

Find the Barrel Room

The barrel room in a winery is often an intriguing location for dark and moody photography. The dramatic lighting and rustic ambiance can create a captivating contrast to the vineyard’s outdoor scenes.

© Roy Serafin 

Take Advantage of All Seasons

While spring is known for its lush and green vineyards, don’t overlook the beauty of other seasons. Fall, for example, offers a unique color palette as the leaves change, creating a surreal and peaceful atmosphere for your wedding photos.

Gardens of Castle Rock © Nic

Consider Setting Up Props

Combine the charm of the vineyard with interesting and personalized props to create meaningful and visually captivating images. Vintage wine barrels, elegant wine glasses, or even personalized signs can enhance the overall aesthetic.

Villa De Amore © PMC Photography 

Shoot During Sunset

Golden hour and sunset provide the perfect lighting conditions for vineyard wedding photos. The warm, soft light during these times can make the vineyard glow, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere.

Villa De Amore © PMC Photography 

Capture Nighttime Vineyard Photos

Don’t forget to explore the vineyards after the sun sets. Vineyards at night can be peaceful and beautiful, offering a different ambiance altogether. If the vineyard is situated far away from city lights, you might even have the chance to capture the romantic brilliance of the stars above, adding a touch of celestial magic to your wedding photos. Whether it’s the soft glow of outdoor string lights or the intimacy of candlelit moments, nighttime vineyard photos can create a serene and enchanting atmosphere that complements the romance of the occasion.

Whiteface Hollow © Andy Madea Photo
Malibu Rocky Oaks © Lin and Jirsa

Capture Ceremony Vineyard Photos

While posed photos are essential, don’t forget to capture candid moments during the wedding ceremony in the vineyard. These unscripted shots can be some of the most emotionally charged and cherished images of the day.

Barren Ridge Vineyard © Sean Thurston


Maria Rosa Vineyards © Frank Balzan

Vineyard weddings offer a wealth of opportunities for capturing breathtaking and memorable photos. By incorporating leading lines, creative compositions, different perspectives, and the unique charm of the vineyard setting, you can ensure that your wedding photos tell a beautiful and timeless story of love amidst the vine-covered landscape. Whether it’s the vibrant greenery of spring or the enchanting colors of autumn, vineyards provide a stunning backdrop for couples to celebrate their special day. So, remember these tips when shooting at a vineyard wedding to ensure you capture the magic and beauty of the moment.

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