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30+ Stunning Examples of Symmetry in Photography

October 4, 2023

By SLR Review

Wedding photographers have a variety of creative techniques to use in any situation to bring out their vision and create unique artistry. One such technique is symmetry in photography, which includes concepts like reflective symmetry, vertical and horizontal symmetry, and even near symmetry, when the two reflective elements have slight variations. The inherent balance and proportion in symmetrical images evoke a sense of harmony and perfection.

In this article, we’ll delve into some tips for using symmetry in wedding and portrait photography that can make your photos stand out. All images are provided by the photographers at Wedding Maps and used with their permission.

Find Symmetry with Art and Murals as Backgrounds

Posing against intricate artworks or murals that display symmetry can add a dash of color, interest and culture to wedding photographs. Incorporating art within art and combining that with an interesting symmetrical composition can lead to unique and expressive imagery.

© Jason Vinson, Vinson Images
Dairy Block in Denver, Colorado. © Courtland Photography

Find Symmetry with a Top-Down View

Shooting from above with the subject lying on symmetrical tiles, circles or amidst identical patterns, provides a fresh perspective.

Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, New Jersey. © Jeff Tisman, Jeff Tisman Photography

Create Symmetry Using Reflective Objects such as a Prism

A prism or other reflective objects can cast symmetrical light rays or reflections, encapsulating the couple in mesmerizing patterns.

The Barn at McCall Springs in Harrodsburg, Kentucky. © Green Apple Weddings
St. Elizabeth Parish in Ludlow, Massachusetts. © Ladman Studios

Find Symmetry with Lights

Positioning the couple in the center of symmetrical lights or light patterns can create a dramatic and balanced visual appeal.

Grandview Vineyard in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. © SMJ Photography

Reflections on Water

The reflection of a couple standing in or behind a body of water like a tranquil lake, calm river or swimming pool creates an almost magical twin image.

Mountain Top Inn in Chittenden, Vermont. © Andy Madea Photo


The grandeur of mountains can provide a perfect symmetrical backdrop for your wedding or engagement photoshoot. The mountains can also create highlights and shadows that let you frame the subject in the brightest area in the frame.

Hyalite Canyon in Bozeman, Montana. © Charles Moll
Maroon Bells Amphitheater in Aspen, Colorado. © Larsen Photo Co
San Juan Mountain Range in Colorado. © Vow of the Wild 

Rocky Valleys

A dramatic shot with the couple framed between two identical rocky terrains provides not only a symmetrical view but also a sense of adventure in their journey ahead.

San Clemente State Beach in San Clemente, California. © PMC Photography

Nature’s Greenery

A path laden with trees and greenery on either side, with the couple in the middle, can be a beautiful and natural setting for a symmetrical shot.

San Francisco Botanical Gardens in San Francisco, California. © Picturist Photography 


Churches and other grand architecture provide beautiful opportunities for capturing symmetrical imagery. The grand altars, identical aisles, and twin stained glass windows can all be perfect symmetrical backdrops for the wedding couple.

St. Albans Cathedral in St. Albans, United Kingdom. © Andy Sidders Photography
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. © Love and Adventure


Cliffs of Glassy Chapel in Greenville, South Carolina. © Zack Bradley

Building Interiors

From grand ballrooms to identical archways, building interiors offer various symmetrical possibilities. A couple perfectly framed in a historical window or embracing between striking columns are beautiful concepts of symmetry in indoor scenes.

The Richland OC in Orange, California. © Let’s Make a Memory 
Fairmont Banff Spring in Banff, Alberta, Canada. © 4 Eyes Photography
Fig Hollow Event Barn in Rochester, New York. © Bob Kniley
Union Station in Chicago, Illinois. © Roy Serafin
Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, New Jersey. © Jeff Tisman 

Arches in Architecture

Standing beneath an archway or between twin arches can frame the couple perfectly, celebrating their union.  On both sides of the arch, you can typically find symmetrical balance.

Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah. © Jessie and Dallin
Piazza Tirano in Tirano, Italy. © Magda Moiola
Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida. © Michael Freas

Use Doors and Windows

Two identical doors or windows, with the couple framed right in the middle, symbolizes new opportunities and pathways opening for them.

Deepwood Museum and Garden in Salem, Oregon. © Tekoa Rose Photo


A central shot of a couple ascending or descending a staircase, with identical railings and patterns on either side, creates a powerful symmetrical image.  Two staircases on both sides can also create a symmetrical frame, as you see in the image below.

Vista Hermosa Estate in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. © Kevin Heslin 

Symmetry in Building Exteriors

Positioning the couple in the center and using a large symmetrical building to frame the couple can give a sense of balance and grandeur to the photograph. Here are some examples of using the exterior of buildings for symmetrical compositions.

Firelight Farm in Bozeman, Montana. © JCM Photography 
Oradea in Bihor, Romania. © Laurentiu Nica
Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana, California. © Luzye Photography
Mary College in Williamsburg, Virginia. © Mattie Wezah 

Photojournalistic Moments

Even candid shots can capture symmetry. Whether it’s the couple reacting similarly to a spontaneous moment or surrounded by the bridal party in a symmetrical formation, such moments are priceless.

Big Chill in Charlotte, North Carolina. © Nix Weddings
Triple C Barrel Room in Charlotte, North Carolina. © Party of Two 

Incorporating symmetry in wedding photographs doesn’t just enhance their visual appeal; it serves as a metaphor for balance, unity, and harmony. As you flip through a wedding album with such symmetrical compositions, you’re reminded of the equilibrium and perfection that every couple seeks in their journey together.

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