Photos of the Week

Woman Power

June 14, 2017

By Libby Peterson

© Livio Lacurre

Italian wedding photographer Livio Lacurre was photographing an American couple in the early morning hours in Florence when he spotted this wall advertising the Austrian painter Maria Lassnig’s exhibition called “Woman Power.”

“I wanted an image that spoke of the bride and her energetic and strong character, and the writing on the placard allowed me to play with this theme,” Lacurre says. “While I was thinking about what I could do, I saw a couple who was jogging and was coming toward us. I always try to insert movement in my images, because I think this makes the image more alive.” As if the cosmos were aligned, the female runner was taking a slight lead over her partner, only strengthening the scene Lacurre had envisioned. “The stillness of the newlyweds and movement of the running couple perfectly combine with the eloquent title and with the powerful image on the background,” the photographer explains. “According to my vision, all components are indicating that the female figure is running the show.”

(Shot with a Nikon D810 and 50mm f/1.4 lens, underexposed at ISO 80 to achieve more saturated colors and darker blacks, Lacurre says.)

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