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Eye-Catching Portraits and Photos of the Week for June 5 

June 5, 2023

By Hillary Grigonis

The natural world is full of irregular shapes — so when a photographer manages to find or create perfect symmetry, the result is often striking. Symmetry can be a powerful compositional tool, whether it’s an identical mirrored reflection or a not-quite-perfect symmetry that only succeeds in drawing the eye more. This week, we feature five photographs with inspiring symmetry from Liam Crawley, Billie Marlow, Kailee Marie Alberda, Alberto Gobbato, and Endre Hilleren. 

Liam Crawley, Liam + Bee 

© Liam Crawley

This colorful image from Liam Crawley of Liam + Bee uses not one but two reflections to create a perfectly balanced photograph. The London engagement portrait was shot using the Canon R6 and the Canon RF 28-70mm f2 lens. 

Looking at the work of the husband and wife photography duo of Liam + Bee, the photographer’s love for symmetry is readily apparent. “My personality is geared to symmetry and balance, almost to the point of it being an obsession,” Liam Crawley said. “If I strive to show it in my work, I get a lot of joy from the images I create, which keeps me happy as a photographer.” 

Billie Marlow, West & Wander 

© Billie Marlow

The choice to present this image upside down, with the reflection at the top and the real couple at the bottom, makes the symmetry all the more striking. Billie Marlow of West & Wander captured the shot during an elopement in the Rocky Mountains with the Sony a7R IV and a 70-200mm lens. 

“I am forever inspired by the incredible and vast ruggedness of the Rockies. One of my favorite things is to catch reflections that represent this,” the photographer said. “There is a moment where the water and the mountains meet that feels peaceful. For this couple, we had already caught an incredible sunrise at a nearby lake and I knew that the water would be still at this spot. I had them walk out from a nearby island onto a strip of scattered rocks.” 

Kailee Marie Alberda, Kailee Marie Photography, LLC 

© Kailee Marie Photography

Dividing the image right down the center with two different shades of pink creates a striking balance in this image by Kailee Marie Alberda of Kailee Marie Photography. She captured the image during an Art Deco Barbie styled shoot using the Canon 5D Mark IV with the Sigma 35mm Art lens. 

“I always try to find symmetry during a shoot because it makes the photograph interesting and pleasing to the eye by using all of the leading lines to your subject,” Alberda said. “In this case, the different shades of pink brought symmetry and contrast!” 

Alberto Gobbato, Alberto Gobbato Photography 

© Alberto Gobbato Photography

Wedding photographer Alberto Gobbato of Alberto Gobbato Photography is often inspired by interesting and different perspectives. He captured this bridal portrait using the Canon R6 and the Canon EF 35mm f1.4 lens. 

“I have a profound appreciation for capturing symmetry in my photos because it is a rarity to witness such perfect alignment in real life,” he said. “The ability to freeze that fleeting moment when everything falls into place and achieves harmony fills me with a profound sense of tranquillity.” 

Endre Hilleren, Hilleren Foto 

© Hilleren Foto

The intimate moment between the couple, flare from the setting sun and reflection all work together to create a story in this image from Endre Hilleren of Hilleren Foto. The Norway-based photographer said he finds something new and unique in every sunset, which is often what inspires him when scouting out locations. Hilleren captured the image using the Canon R6 and the EF 50mm f1.2 lens. 

“I think that thinking about symmetry is a very good starting point when I photograph,” Hilleren said. “It sets the ‘framework’ and the foundation for the rest. Symmetry is one thing, but never symmetry without a story or a feeling — for me they are strongly connected.” 

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