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November 8, 2022

By Jacqueline Tobin

We kick off the week with some interesting locations, scenes and compositions by Born Wild Photography, Jaymel Molina and Susana Ríos.

“I love images that are in between moments—unscripted,” says Maria Andersen Hildebrand of Born Wild Photography.

interesting locations image of bride and groom going towards bridge.
© Born Wild Photography

Talk about finding interesting locations for your images. “In the first image (above), they were walking down to this lovely bridge and in the second image (below), they were waiting for some friends to join and I just snapped that image really quick,” Hildebrand explains. “They are natural and unposed and that is what it is all about for me—capturing the day and the in-between moments that often are so beautiful and authentic.”

interesting locations can include mountain scenes like this one
© Born Wild Photography

We like that both images are completely in sync with Hildebrand’s overall style: warm and natural, and all about capturing real people, emotions and connections—”the wind in your hair, the way you look at each other, the in-between moments.”

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Las Vegas-based wedding photographer Jaymel Molina captured the next two images below. The first one has a beautiful bridal couture feel and Molina says he loves “the elegance, complementing colors, and introspection all captured in one photograph.”

interesting composition of bride with bouquet on chair
© Jaymel Molina

In the next image (below) by Molina, “Desert Girl”, he says that the thought of photographing under the harsh midday sun can be terrifying, but he did it! “With the aperture wide open, the subject just pops, and the cracked mud is no longer a distraction,” he explains.

bride in desert
© Jaymel Molina

Spain-based wedding photographer Susana Ríos says of her image below (yes, even simple scenes can contain interesting locations) that, “although I am constantly looking for different points of view, I love portraits of timeless beauty.” We love how stunning the image is in its simplicity.

interesting locations can also be simple, like this one of bride in bed putting shoe on.
© Susana Ríos

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