Photos of the Week

Dancing Northern Lights

August 19, 2019

By Jacqueline Tobin

© Willow & Wolf

Not every adventure elopement goes exactly to plan, but luckily for these two, threatening weather did not manage to thwart their course of action. The day before they were to exchange vows in Iceland, the country was hit with a huge storm, icing up the roads and shutting down operations. “We were worried that most of the guests weren’t going to make it to the property,” recall Andrew and Bec of Willow & Wolf, but thankfully the next day was a different story and everyone was able to make it.

“With the grounds blanketed in fresh snow, we celebrated in a wooden barn, eating local Icelandic food by candlelight,” they say. “At around 10 p.m., the music cut on the dance floor and everyone raced outside as there was word that the northern lights were out.”

Later, the photographers were told that lights hadn’t shown up in three months. “We all watched as the northern sky danced green, with lines streaming down toward the snowy barn. We couldn’t pass up that moment to take an epic portrait. Curtis carried Jess through the snow from around the side as to not disturb the snow in the foreground.” They only had a few chances to take this shot before the aurora borealis disappeared.

(Shot at 24mm, f/2.5, 3.2 seconds and ISO 1250. “When shooting northern lights, it’s important to not have too long of an exposure or to set your ISO too high as images get blown out quick with the light dancing around the sky,” the photographers explain.)

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