Photo of the Day

Cowboy Confidence

June 5, 2019

By Jacqueline Tobin

Photo © Patrick Bennett

Photographed on the Cooper Ranch in Decatur, Texas, Patrick Bennett took this image of World Champion roper Tuf Cooper for Essentia Water’s social media campaign.

“This was part of a two-and-a-half year project showing influencers and overachievers who benefit from the [bottled water company’s] product,” Bennett explains. “I was asked to provide both still and video of Tuf, and since I rode horses growing up and have photographed cowboys in the past, I was unafraid to ask Tuf if his horse would stop right in front of me as I kneeled in the dirt. He assured me his horse, Johnny, wouldn’t run over me, so I said without hesitation, ‘Let’s do it.’ ”

This image, adds Bennett, became the cover image for the 2018 Best of ASMP contest. A series of images was awarded in addition to this image.

(Shot with a Canon 5DS and a 16-35mm f/4L lens, with two Profoto B1X flashes on either side of Tuf and his horse.)

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