Photo of the Day

Black and White, Hardly Light

May 26, 2017

By Libby Peterson

Photo © Brian Van Wyk

Harsh light hasn’t exactly been known to be a wedding photographer’s best friend—the cutting shadows mixed with bright spots (not to mention uncomfortable heat, in some circumstances) has eluded some shooters, and it takes some practice to get the stark differences in light quality to come across beautifully in frames.

Brian Van Wyk—who was chosen as an Rf 30 Rising Star in 2014—has had enough practice with harsh light, fortunately, to work with it to his advantage, and when he was shooting this couple during a virtually cloudless midday session, it was no sweat.

“The direction of the light for this moment is integral to its strength,” the Vancouver photographer posits. “It adds depth to the observatory’s roundness, makes Jared and Lara stand out, and, most importantly, shows off Lara’s stunning dress detail, which was a key part of its design.” Check, check and check.

(Shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 35mm f/1.4L len.)

Photo © Brian Van Wyk

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