Photos of the Week

Between the Blur

July 28, 2017

By Stacey Goldberg

© Annamae Photo

It was right around sunset when Annamae of Reno, Nevada-based Annamae Photo captured this newlywed portrait. She had envisioned posing this couple by the large, beautiful tree at the venue (Helwig Winery in Plymouth, California), but once she saw the bright yellow flowers across the pond, her vision immediately changed. “I thought that incorporating the yellow in the foreground would make this shot really interesting,” she explains.

To achieve her vision while making sure the couple was still the focal point of the frame, the photographer used her 45mm tilt-shift lens to lend “the ability to manipulate the blur.” The result is a wedding portrait that incorporates the beauty of the venue while making her clients “stand out amongst everything else around them.”

(Captured using a Canon Mark III and a 45mm tilt-shift lens.)

© Annamae Photo

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