Photos of the Week

A Simple Gesture of Love

April 9, 2018

By Stacey Goldberg

Photo © Qiya and Kuoloon

Photographers Qiya and Kuoloon of Kompactfaen weren’t entirely sure how to capture this couple’s wedding theme—”1920s Shanghai”—among Singapore’s modern cityscapes, but once they headed to its Chinatown district, inspiration was all around.

“We realized that there’s a lot more to this city, and there’s more to what we think we know,” the photography duo explains. “It made us realize that the core of creative work is to just be unafraid and always be on the lookout for new and novel things. You’ll never know what you’ll come across or find.”

The photo is both a nod to the couple’s wedding theme as well as a representation of the love between them. “We always see how people hug, pose or kiss in photos, but this photo captured a very day-to-day motion of showing affection, a simple touch on the face to affirm and to show love.”

(Captured using a Canon 5D Mark III with a 50mm f/1.2 lens.)

Photo © Qiya and Kuoloon

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