Photo of the Day

A Honeymoon Hurricane

July 21, 2017

By Libby Peterson

© Rafal Borek

It was an Irish honeymoon for these two Bostonians, having wed in the States and flown to the Emerald Isle to celebrate as newlyweds with a portrait session from Rafal Borek.

A bucket-list locale for the native photographer was a shoot on the cliffs of Slieve League in Donegal. It was a blustery day, which isn’t altogether abnormal—”Ireland likes to surprise with a little bit of rain and wind,” Borek says, “but this time it felt like a hurricane… I had to shoot in between gusts of wind. I’m still surprised Maggie didn’t lose her hat.”

But it was well worth it, and the intense weather added a level of drama to the session that wouldn’t have been there before. Counterbalancing the drama was simple framing on Borek’s part. “There are only three subjects in it: sky, ocean and the couple,” he says. “I was always a big fan of simple compositions. Nile and Maggie really stand out from the background.”

(Shot with a Canon 5D Mark IV and a 35mm L lens.)

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