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Toffee & Honey, a Photo Magazine That Promotes Diversity and Inclusion

June 4, 2018

By Jacqueline Tobin

Left Photo © Cheyenne Rose Photography; Right Photo © Bethany E. Photography

In the inaugural April 2018 issue of magazine Toffee & Honey, Houston-based founder and editor-in-chief Tomayia Colvin, who is also an acclaimed wedding and senior portrait photographer, featured the work of 20 image-makers who she says are “dear to her heart,” including Valerie Robinson, Trunetta Atwater, Tanya R. Smith, Cheyenne Dean, Mary Me’Cshell, Jessica Hunt and Jaleel King.

“I had the idea to launch this magazine because I wanted to be able to fuse both education and photography,” says Colvin. “There aren’t many publications that feature photographers of color, and I wanted to create a platform to highlight all of the amazing photographers I know who we don’t always get a chance to see in the pages of the big magazines. I’m constantly inspired by the talented photographers and all of the content available on newsstands. I dream that one day we’ll be there, too.”

The April edition featured mainly boudoir photography, and May was the Motherhood Issue. Colvin is excited and proud that each month she will have a different theme to cultivate learning, including “working with clients, lighting, business tips and providing photography inspiration in general.”

Self-published on MagCloud, the magazine, says Colvin, has a team of photographers to make sure there is plenty of content, but submissions are also welcome and encouraged through Two Bright Lights.

In addition to showcasing talented photographers, Toffee & Honey, an extension of Tomayia Colvin Education, is on a mission to push its audience to be lifelong learners. “I have a heart for diversity and inclusion and work to make sure that photographers of color and other marginalized groups have a “seat at the table,“ says Colvin. “When I don’t see opportunities to showcase their amazing work, I create them myself.”

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