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More Big News for TPM 2023! 

July 27, 2023

By Abbey Pleviak

In case you missed it, two weeks ago, Sue Bryce dropped a bombshell announcement that this September will be the last time she hosts and teaches at The Portrait Masters Conference. It will also be the last time the conference is held in Phoenix, Arizona. Bryce fully intends to go out on a high note and has promised this will be the best TPM ever. 

If yesterday’s Live YouTube broadcast is any indication of what’s to come, this is also going to be the best ramp up to TPM ever. Portrait System Mentor Ashleigh Taylor hosted the event, which was full of info about the event, exciting guests, generous giveaways, and an “epic announcement.” 

In yesterday’s live broadcast, Ashleigh Taylor announced the The Portrait Masters Conference is giving everyone “More Sue.” Her Breakout Class will now be included with the conference pass, and the next 50 passes sold will also receive her couples digital posing cards and POSE series online course. © The Portrait Masters

The Epic Announcement 

The biggest giveaway of the event is the epic announcement, and it includes something for everyone going. This year, for the first time, TPM is offering Breakout Classes, eight different intensive workshops to choose from. Bryce is currently listed amongst the offerings with a course on posing multiple body types. The class was nearly sold out with only one seat left, but now Bryce is offering the class on Monday, September 11, 2:30 –4:30 pm to everyone with a conference ticket — at no extra cost.  

And there’s even more to this “More Sue” offer. Starting right now, the next 50 conference tickets purchased will also receive Bryce’s Couples Digital Posing Cards and her POSE series online course. And everyone who already purchased a pass will receive them as well. With the breakout class, online class, and cards totaled in value, that’s a pretty incredible gift of $1400 worth of merchandise and education for the next 50 who jump on those passes. If you want them, don’t forget to also use the code SUE100 to get $300 off the listed price. You can do that here.  

If you want to go, but are hesitating to pony up the full amount, please be advised that this year, you can use PayPal’s flexible payment options, so you don’t have to give it all in one go. And if you’re in business, be sure to check with your tax preparer about using your conference expenses as a write-off. You want to make sure you can get the most out of the conference, so find out in advance how to get the biggest write-off for it, too! 

The Arizona Grand Resort has beautiful architecture. Conference-goers regularly pose for each other onsite. If you have tickets, be sure to join the TPM Facebook group, so you can plan photoshoots with other photographers in advance. © Jessica Malone

What to Expect 

The Arizona Grand is a beautiful location with over-the-top architecture and outdoor locations for shooting in addition to the fifteen masterfully curated shooting bays for portfolio building. Additionally, you’ll have speed mentoring with ten mentors, nine mainstage educators, eight breakout classes to choose from, a showroom floor full of vendors with awesome deals, and an over-the-top party for fun networking every night. It’s an educational event designed to educate, inspire, and connect, so that attendees walk away with an experience they can continue to grow from.   

Ashleigh Taylor says, “I know that I leave every single year and experience a huge up level, both in my personal development and in my business development. I get more clients. I get more creative. I just leave feeling such a creative high.” 

Tune into the replay of Taylor’s live broadcast to hear Bethany Tubman Johs talk about the mentoring opportunities. There you’ll also hear Scott Robert Lim talk about his mainstage presentation, which will demo the latest lightweight, portable constant lights from Stella Pro as he builds from one basic light to multiple lights, gels, and other add-ons. 

The Portrait Masters will be broadcasting live every Wednesday at noon PST from their YouTube page. Tune in for gift cards, free conference passes, and other exciting giveaways leading up to what promises to be the best Portrait Masters Conference yet! © The Portrait Masters

More Giveaways 

Taylor also announced something extra for her Breakout Class on creating Facebook Ads. Everyone who attends will also be invited to a follow-up Zoom session on troubleshooting Facebook Ads. This was already a lot of giving, but Taylor was just getting warmed up. She also gave away five $50 gift cards to The Portrait Masters Store, five $100 gift cards to the store, and five free conference passes. 

Next week, Wed, August 2 at noon PST, The Portrait System Podcast host Nikki Closser will take the reins for another live broadcast, where there are sure to be more giveaways of gift cards and conference passes. Be sure to tune in for your chance to win this Wednesday and every Wednesday until the conference in September.  

Another Big Giveaway Just Announced!

Enter for a chance to win one of three conference tickets to TPM 2023, valued at $1,800, and a hotel stay at the Arizona Grand Resort! Just enter your email here by midnight (PST) tonight!