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Impossible Things: A New and Advanced AI Photo Editor

January 20, 2023

By Jacqueline Tobin

© Impossible Things

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the process of photo editing, with tools that automate away many processes that were previously time consuming or challenging. A new company in this space is Impossible Things, an AI photo editor created by Lightroom preset maker, DVLOP, and photo educators, SLR Lounge.  

Impossible Things: How it Operates in Lightroom

Impossible Things operates natively in Lightroom and claims to work with all of the user’s Lightroom Presets. The process works in two steps. In Lightroom, the user selects the images they want edited and then selects the preset they want applied. From there the AI goes to work, and the user can see the edits processing live.

Photographer Jose Villa says “As a photographer, time is extremely valuable. With this incredible technology, editing time is significantly reduced. Being able to rely on the Machine’s accuracy and adaptation capabilities has been a true game changer for me and my studio.”

Impossible Things’ Key Features

Impossible Things is entering a new but increasingly crowded space of AI Photo Editing for wedding, portrait and event photographers. To compete and differentiate, here are some of their key features that they are hoping to attract new users with.

Lightroom Native: This could be a big deal for some Lightroom users who prefer to stay inside of Lightroom and avoid launching a separate software or website. This also allows photographers to edit any number of images, from a single image to a full wedding.

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Works with Presets: The AI was designed by DVLOP so photographers can use them with all of the DVLOP presets, including the styles Jose Villa, India Earl, Two Mann Studios and other prominent photographers. Photographers can also use it with any of their own presets as well. 

Impossible Things Artists lineup

Editing Accuracy: Impossible Things claims to process photos with better accuracy. It adjusts “38+ slider predictions” and uses Lighting Condition Based Development, which adjusts for the various common lighting scenarios a photographer faces. They also claim to have tested and tuned the images with “over a million DNGs, 200 unique camera models, and 300 different lenses,” to minimize differences between camera brands and lenses.

Cloud Training: The system allows photographers to “custom tune” their presets, which saves the user’s slider adjustments in the cloud for future edits.

Other Features: Other features they offer include the Intelligence Slider, Adaptive Lens Correction, Adaptive Noise Reduction, AI Masking Preconditioning, which are all detailed in their Under the Hood article.


Impossible Things is priced per image with different subscription tiers. The first tier is priced at $0.06 per edit with 500 edit credits included, the middle tier is $0.05 per edit with 1000 edit credits included, and the highest tier is $0.04 per edit with 2500 edit credits included. The edit credits accumulate and carry over from month to month. Also, the additional edits can be purchased at the per-edit pricing of the users’s subscription tier.  

Photographers can try out the AI with a free 500 edit credits to see if it’s right for them. A more detailed breakdown can be found on SLR Lounge.