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DVLOP is a New Platform That’s Reimagining Presets

October 9, 2017

By Jacqueline Tobin

© Gabe McClintock

Straight out of camera (on the left) before the one-click edit using McClintock’s “Gljufrabui” preset (on the right), which gives an overall warmer tone while bringing down the highlights and increasing shadow detail—“quintessential Gabe,” Ken Liu says.

Presets have long been seen as helpful tools for photographers to speed up workflows and define specific looks, and over the years, many photographers have created their own to help in this goal (including Parker Pfister and The Boutwells).

Now we have DVLOP (pronounced “develop”), created by fine-art wedding photographer Jeff Newsom, along with former Renaissance Albums owner Ken Liu, who have deconstructed and reimagined presets into what they believe they should be—a tool that not only realizes one-click edits, but one that will encourage exploration and creativity as well.

So far, the DVLOP bandwagon of photographers who have released presets through the company (which launched this past July) include Jonas Peterson, Gabe McClintock, Fer Juaristi, Kristen Marie Parker, Nessa Kessinger, Chrisman Studios, Sam Hurd, Samm Blake and Jeff Newsom.

Straight out of camera, before presets were applied. Both Photos © Gabe McClintock

A one-click edit using McClintock’s “Gljufrabui” preset, which gives an overall warmer tone while bringing down the highlights and increasing shadow detail—“quintessential Gabe,” says Liu.

How It Works

According to Newsom and Liu, DVLOP presets automatically detect the camera model used and apply the camera-specific profile. They say these presets achieve the same intended look, whether you are shooting Canon, Nikon, Fuji or Sony. DVLOP has also created two individual profiles for each camera—one meant for daylight and one meant for warmer color temperatures. Both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw automatically detect each profile and choose the appropriate blend based on where you find yourself on the white balance slider. The result, says Liu, is better color accuracy across camera systems and lighting conditions.

Straight out of camera by Fer Juaristi. Both Photos © Fer Juaristi

The final result of mixing and exploring using Chrisman Studios’ Managua preset (which focuses on deep blacks and vivid colors) and Kristen Marie Parker’s color palette.

Intelligent Presets

Each pack comes with a variety of presets, and each preset is fine-tuned to work with in-camera auto white balance, depending on the artist’s original intent.

DVLOP set a goal to create a product that would intuitively spur exploration and play. Says Newsom, “Each DVLOP pack comes with five stylized presets and a tool kit. They also include additional modular components designed for mixing styles. These modular components naturally encourage creativity, offering the ability to easily test new styles and save them for future use.”

Incredible Partners

DVLOP currently offers presets from a variety of leading photographers mentioned here, with more on the horizon. “These photographers were selected for their individual styles as well as for their dedication to this industry,” Liu explains. “DVLOP photographers have been active and responsive in the community DVLOP has established on Facebook,” found at For more information on the presets, including before and after samples, go to

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