Why You Should Come to WPPI 2018

December 7, 2017

By The WPPI Team

Photo © Angie Toailoa

“I’ll see you at Eye Candy later!” That’s going to be what you hear while walking the hallways in between seminars at WPPI this year. Let’s explain…

Most people who attend WPPI each year will tell you that it has changed their lives. It’s where many of us met our best friends; where we’ve been able to meet and chat with our mentors; where we saw that new camera we’ve been eyeing and had a chance to play with it; and where we got to touch and feel that album that we now offer our clients. For some of us, it’s even where we met our life partners.

Most of us who attend WPPI are entrepreneurs. We own our businesses, and that often translates into a lot of late nights at home editing images in post. Are you tired and lonely during those 3 a.m. sessions that most all of us face right now as the season winds down? Do you routinely drink coffee or Red Bull to keep yourself awake so you can clear your backlog? Working on our own means we don’t have office mates to vent to or blow off steam like in “regular” jobs. That’s where the WPPI convention comes in.

It’s our yearly opportunity to get together with our colleagues, a chance to learn new techniques, to fill our inspiration coffers and spend time with photographers who are just like us. It’s our chance to reconnect and recharge before we begin the new season. (Oh, and there’s a great bar space in the Mandalay Bay lobby called Eye Candy where everyone can reconnect and catch up on the day.)

With free conference registration for all PHOTO+ members including platform classes, access to the print competition and many social events, and hotel rooms starting at $33/night, why wouldn’t you come?

Learn hard. Play hard. Recharge. Connect — before the next season begins!

Lauren Wendle, Theresa Raffetto, Mike Gangel,
Jerry and Melissa Ghionis,
Neeta Lakhani, and Jacqueline Tobin

WPPI 2018 takes place February 24-28 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Visit wppiexpo.com for more information and to register.