Westcott Releases New Rapid Box Switch Light Modifiers

June 12, 2018

By Greg Scoblete

FJ Westcott has released a new lineup of Rapid Box Switch light modifiers.

The Rapid Box Switch series gets its name from its ability to work on a wide variety of lights thanks to the optional Switch Insert, which adapts the modifier to one of 13 different lighting brands’ products. The Rapid Box modifiers ditch the conventional speed ring mount and feature an umbrella-like construction that makes them easier to set up and break down.

The modifiers feature a quick-release thumb-lock so they stay mounted to the light while still allowing users to quickly switch mounting inserts without additional tools.

Rapid Box Switch Beauty Dish

Rapid Box Switch Beauty Dish

The Rapid Box Switch is available in three octogonal, two rectangular, and three strip variations. All feature a silver interior. There’s also a 24-inch Beauty Dish Switch, which offers a white interior for a softer, portrait-friendly light.

Each Switch modifier includes a softbox, diffusion panel and a carrying case. The Beauty Dish also includes a deflector plate. 40-degree egg crate grids are also available as optional accessories for each Switch.

The Rapid Box modifiers are available now with prices starting at $119. Switch Inserts (which are optional but required for mounting) cost $25.

The Switch Inserts.

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