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Achieving Flawless Beauty Looks With a Reflector That You Can Shoot Through

October 11, 2017

By Jerry Ghionis

All Photos © Jerry Ghionis

Are you on a budget but want to achieve flawless beauty lighting, quickly and easily? Then consider the FJ Westcott Omega Reflector 360. With its unique 15-in-1 design, the reflector’s main selling point is the ability to shoot through it. All you need is one light source behind the subject to act as a hair light.

Place the reflector between you and your subject—the light behind the subject also bounces off the reflector and illuminates the subject from the front, creating a flattering beauty look.

In my initial shot (above), taken with my Nikon D5, I determined my exposure for the water and her hair. As you can see, the light on her is too dark and unflattering. If I had exposed for her skin, the water and her hair would have been very overexposed.

I then placed the reflector between my model and myself and photographed through the reflector (above) using the exact same exposure as in the initial shot. The final result (below) is an image that combines the effects of a traditional reflector, the luxury of a beauty dish and the catch lights of a ring flash. Contrary to popular belief, this is not Photoshop trickery; the reflector is really that good.

For more about the Omega 360 Reflector, check out this month’s Buyer’s Guide on the Rangefinder website.

Jerry Ghionis, widely regarded as one of the top wedding and portrait photographers in the world, is also a USA Nikon Ambassador and was WPPI’s first Grand Master.

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