Tether Tools Just Gave Your Camera Incredible Battery Life

February 24, 2016

By Laura Brauer

Camera batteries usually pick the worst moments to fail. We’ve all been there. The typical solution is to simply stock up on extra batteries. But Tether Tool’s new Case Relay Power System lets you defy the limitations of your camera’s battery altogether.

The system consists of two parts.

The first is a Relay Camera Coupler ($30-$35) that slides into your camera’s battery port in place of your standard camera battery. The Coupler connects to the Case Relay CPS ($100), which features a USB plug that can draw power either from an optional AC wall adapter or from an optional portable USB charger, such as TetherTool’s 10,000 mAh Rock Solid External Battery Pack.

The Coupler

The Coupler

Working together, the system delivers a steady flow of power to your camera—essentially, a never-ending battery if you’re connected to an AC outlet (just make sure that cord is nice and long). TetherTools tells us that the system has been tested internally and doesn’t run hot even after prolonged use of AC power.

The Relay has its own own internal 1,200 mAh battery as well, and while it’s not providing a ton of juice, there’s enough power on hand to let you hot-swap power sources while your camera stays powered and shooting. At launch, Tether Tools has 11 different Couplers that are compatible with many of the leading models from Canon, Nikon, Sony and Panasonic.

Pretty clever, don’t you think? Check out the diagram below for a sense of how it interconnects.



Tether Tools Relay

The Relay