© The Paper Deer Photography

Finessing the Fine Art of Family Photography, Above the Herds of Hobbyists

Three family photographers reveal how they’ve stood out from the crowd by honing their creative visions. 


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© Jarren Vink

On My Radar: Jarren Vink's Modularly Placed Objects

In this still-life and travel photographer's project "Master's Tools," all is in order.

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© Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw: From Zoologist to Conceptual Portrait Photographer

This Australian expat discusses his rollercoaster path to a budding filmmaking career.

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© Nordica Photography

Going the Extra Mile—Adventurous Wedding and Engagement Shoots [Gallery]

How three photographers have saddled up for couples expanding the horizons on their destination shoots.

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© Peter Hurley

© Victoria Will

The Return of Victoria Will, Dennis Orchard and the Disposable Camera

The wedding and portrait photography news, products and innovations of the month.

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© Untitled Film Works

In Conversation: Ryan Schembri Interviews Award-Winning Filmmaker Abraham Joffe

His technical tips, storytelling approach and why experimentation is key.

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Justin & Mary Marantz

Powerful, Personal Self-Promotion Videos and How They Can Focus Business

Seven tips for creating a promo video that clients will adore.

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© Alex de Mora

On My Radar: Subjects of a Certain Age

Out with the young, in with the distinguished.
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© Alexis Cuarezma

What's in Your Bag, Alexis Cuarezma?

Lighting gear is the name of this photographer's game.

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© Kate Hueftle

Rising Stars Combine Forces, Dream Shoot Rentals Expands Reach and More

The wedding and portrait photography news and products to look for this month.

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© Nick Fancher

Lighting on the Fly

How Nick Fancher's run-and-gun shooting style, studio-less savvy and unique application of color and shadow have given him an edge.
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© Tamara Lackey

What's in Tamara Lackey's Gear Bag?

The wedding, portrait and family photographer spills it.
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© Erin Kunkel

On My Radar: The Food Lover's Table

Photography's overhead approach to the farm-to-table movement.

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