© Sue Bryce

Glamour Lighting: On Set with Sue Bryce and Felix Kunze

What happens when a natural-light purist and a studio-light guru strike up a friendship? Creative sparks fly, fun pictures develop, and useful lessons in lighting emerge.

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© Benjamin Lowy

Photo Finish: Packing a Punch

Photojournalist Benjamin Lowy reveals how he shot boxing champion Floyd "Money" Mayweather.
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© Miles Aldridge

Miles of M•A•C: An Ode to Beauty Portraiture

A feast of inspirational portrait ideas reside in this book that glorifies the pairing of skin with makeup.

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© Tanja Lippert

From Weddings to Fashion Photography: The Nuances of Broadening a Brand

Four photographers diversify their client base by doing both.


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© Sarah Sloboda

It's a Kid's Life: Sarah Sloboda's Lifestyle Photography for Children

In Sarah Sloboda’s world, families and children are cast in “a magical light with memorable photography that sings.” The photographer shares her portrait packages that reflect this idea.

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© Cheryl Walsh

Cheryl Walsh's Floating World of Underwater Senior Portraits

Teenagers graduating from high school serve as muses for one photographer’s underwater portraits.

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© Shawn Lee

Fully Lit: How to Light Bomb Senior Portraits Like Shawn Lee

If the Motor City were a campus, Shawn Lee would be the big man on it. Get his breakdowns (diagrams and all) of three creative senior portraits.

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© Eric Schwabel

Editor's Pick: Eric Schwabel

The California-based shooter discusses his ongoing Burning Man portrait series, and the "human light suit" he uses to take his dreamy photos.

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© Ashly Stohl

Ashly Stohl Captures Super Hero Son

The photographer collaborates with her youngest son, Charlie, a.k.a. Charth Vader. 

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© Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto Valenzuela's Physics of a Portrait

Roberto Valenzuela gives us his tips on the structure of portrait photography.

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© Felix Kunze

Editor's Pick: Felix Kunze

The lighting master and commercial portrait photographer discusses getting the little gloriana girls' personalities to shine.
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© Kristi Odom

Photographers Without Borders: Encouraging Shooters to “See Through a New Lens”

Returning from a wild animal refuge in Bolivia, photographers reflect on what they learned during their journey.
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Ian White Meets Don Draper

 Ian White recounts his experience shooting this perfectly incidental portrait of Mad Men's Jon Hamm.

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Lucas Foglia

Editor's Pick: Lucas Foglia's Frontcountry

For his latest project “Frontcountry,” Lucas Foglia documented life in some of the least populated rural towns in Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and 

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