© Sasha Rudensky

Sasha Rudensky: Photographing Post-Soviet Culture

Sasha Rudensky finds enlightening subjects in former Soviet region.
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Texas Newborn Photographer Frances Otero Focuses on Local Market

A New York City transplant finds success in children and newborn photography—and McKinney, Texas.

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Photo © Lucia Herrero

Lucia Herrero: Photographer You Should Know

Barcelona, Spain-based photographer Lucia Herrero is a master at composing portraits of strangers in their found environments and adding strobe lighting to produce vivid images that examine human relationships—with a fantastic twist.

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Photo © Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto Valenzuela's Medium Format Photography

In searching for new inspiration, wedding photography Robert Valenzuela found it in the form of a medium-format digital camera.
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© Kristin Sweeting

Refreshing Senior Portrait Photography

 Some of our favorite images and marketing ideas for high school senior portrait photography.

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The Brood in Black and White

On trend with families’ requests for natural portraits, Justine Ungaro has found her niche in black-and-white.
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Pinterest Factor

Weighing the pros and cons for photographers of social media’s newest darling. Once you’ve saturated your Facebook and Twitter feeds with all the business and self-promotion traction you can get out of them, what’s next on the social media horizon?

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Tamara Lackey

Through and Through

An image of a child can be captured in a gleeful moment of laughter, the sudden onset of a pout or a mischievous grin before jumping into a puddle of mud. What’s amazing—and trying—about photographing children is that all of those personality traits can emerge from the same child within a matter of moments.

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Linnea Lenkus

Recession-Proof Photography

 Her clients pay for her ability to connect with them and capture those special moments that look into the soul or portray relationships. Many of her clients come back time after time because they love Linnea’s work. “I know the type of expression I am looking for and I know when people are connecting. It’s usually after they give me the expression they think I want. I make sure to take the image when they let their guard down,” Linnea explains.
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Padraic Deasy

A Childhood Dream

 In 2006, Padraic Deasy realized his childhood dream when he purchased the family photography business from his parents. Working with his wife of seven years, Sonia, who brings vast business knowledge from her family’s fashion business to the studio, Padraic has grown Ireland-based Deasy Photographic into an award-winning boutique portrait studio specializing in family and children’s portraits. “We have created a high profile image in our community,” Padraic says. “It begins with how we package our studio through our interior decorating and studio design.” Their clients are mothers and families who appreciate a creative approach to portrait photography. Padraic says, “We have positioned our studio as a premium brand and we have built up a client base that has attracted some of the wealthiest families 
in Ireland.”
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Kamran Malik

Moonlighting to Follow His Passion

By day, he crunches numbers, and on nights and weekends he moonlights as a portrait  photographer. Kamran Malik from Orlando, FL, works full time as the director of pricing for a large health insurance firm, so his regular job keeps him plenty busy. However, two years ago his love of photography led him to start shooting portraits in his free time.

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Jenny Schomaker

Special Children Special Portraits

Photographer Jenny Schomaker makes it her business to give back to the community. She accomplishes this via a number of projects that allow her to indulge in her passion for photographing children. For the past few years Schomaker has teamed up with Dr. Sudha Chandrasekhar of Gateway Pediatrics to photograph her patients, many of whom are kids with special healthcare needs. Some have cerebral palsy and some are missing limbs, while others have cleft palates and/or other issues.
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Rena Durham

Teenage Dream Job

You can imagine what it’s like for photographer Rena Durham when she tells a teenager what she does. “You’ve photographed Justin Bieber?” is the likely high-pitched squeal you’ll hear, followed by, “Can you get me tickets to his
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Tom O’Neal

De Ja Vu All Over Again

Never mind that Tom O’Neal helped teach songwriter Joni Mitchell how to drive a stick shift, or that we had to rearrange our phone interviews a couple of times because one week he was shooting a portrait of Laura Bush, and the next Al Gore. Or even that he has a very successful wedding and event photography business in Carmel, CA, or that he regularly has gallery showings of his jaw-dropping fine art work.
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