How Jeff Rojas Casts Gentlemen in Thoughtful, Timeless Light

The author of Photographing Men explains his lighting setup tactics.

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© Amy and Jordan Demos

6 Ways to Skyrocket Your Bookings

Amy and Jordan Demos break down how to bring your business up a few notches.

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© Nicholas Alan Cope

On My Radar: Scupltural Silhouette

Why Ashley Owens is eyeing Nicholas Alan Cope's photography that mixes fashion with architecture.

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© Adrian Buckmaster

Light Reading: Bold Beauty and Creative Expression

A collection of books that will force you to take the next step in your photography.

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© Quinn Wharton

Editor's Pick: Spirited Astray by Quinn Wharton

The Chicago-based shooter tells the story behind this unusual portrait of Chris John Millington.

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© Dallas Kolotylo Photography

Soaring to New Heights: Catching Up with the 30 Rising Stars of 2014

We check in to see what they're up to, plus glean advice and insight into boosting business.

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© Sansom Photography

From the Cubicle: Celebrating Milestones

The director of WPPI discusses the 30 Rising Stars and beyond.

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© Jeff Rojas

What's in Your Bag, Jeff Rojas?

This fashion and portrait photographer is a believer in "less is more."

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© Brian Kuhlmann

Fully Lit: Illuminating Dynamism in Detail

How a portrait, sports and lifestyle photographer lights for movement, grace and finely tuned focus.

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© Michael Corsentino

Photographer You Should Know: Michael Corsentino

How this veteran portrait photographer is lighting the way.

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© Sue Bryce

Editor's Pick: Victorian Grace by Sue Bryce

The portrait queen explains the story behind this masterpiece.

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© Andrew Funderburg

Why You Should Still Be Printing Your Photos

So much of photography lives online, but never underestimate the power of a good print.

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© Carissa Gallo

On My Radar: A Study in Color

Why the co-creator of Kinfolk magazine is eyeing Carissa Gallo's work.

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Photo © Jonas Peterson

Light Reading: Learning the Secrets to Success

Three book titles to look out for this month.

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