© Jacqueline Harriet

Editor's Pick: Jacqueline Harriet's True Colors

Behind the fashion photographer's personal project sessions with portrait subject and celebrity impersonator Michele Marzano.
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Courtesy of Kristi Drago-Price

The Entrepreneurs: Exploring the Business Opps of Photography

Spotlighting photographers and other industry leaders who've endeavored to benefit their colleagues, clients and brand.
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Courtesy of Thames & Hudson

The New Forces of Fashion Photography

Magdalene Keaney's Fashion Photography Next is an optimistic ode to what the future holds for the genre and its photographers.
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© Don Hudson

The Archived Life of Don Hudson

As Grand-prize winner of Rangefinder's alternative processes contest, Don Hudson receives a profile to honor his work and most representative images.
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© Victoria Will

Turning Back Time with Victoria Will

Stars at the Sundance Film Festival sat down with a modern master of tintypes.

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© Jim Cornfield

4 Approaches to Soft Focus Explained

Get that natural-looking bokeh, master targeting blur and more.
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Courtesy of the Bui Brothers

Q & A: The Bui Brothers Talk Lighting

Cinematographers Vu and Lan Bui discuss how they incorporate lighting into their video capture.
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© Johnson Wee

How To Win WPPI's Print Comp

Who better to ask for advice than a winner, a judge and the director of WPPI himself?
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© Deborah Feingold

Exhibit This: October's Shows, Books and Photo News

A photo book of music icons, of long-lasting LGBTQ couples, a show by Moby and more this month.
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© Chris Floyd

The Textbook for a Digital World

Why you should pay attention to Grant Scott's Professional Photography: The New Global Landscape Explained.
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© Stephen Keller

How to Rock Steady with Smooth Tracking Video

Expert tips from six videographers on creating smooth tracking shots when shooting motion.

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© Ana Brandt

5 Transitional Newborn Setups

Ana Brandt walks us through how to go from one adorable newborn pose to the next, without disturbing the subject.
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© Bambi Cantrell

Flattering Angles and Poses for the Plus-Size Bride

Wedding photographer Bambi Cantrell shows us how to get creative with angles and posing.
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© Damian Battinelli

Getting Acquainted with Frequency Separation Retouching for Headshots

Retouching king Damian Battinelli breaks down step by step how to get that crisp, bold look with frequency separation.
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