© Jack Reznicki

Taking Aim at Copyright

A review of the book The Copyright Zone, and other titles.

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© Jarren Vink

On My Radar: Jarren Vink's Modularly Placed Objects

In this still-life and travel photographer's project "Master's Tools," all is in order.

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© Art Streiber

Editor's Pick: The Double Act by Art Streiber

The celebrity portrait photographer tackles the comically complex relationship between these two characters of HBO's Veep.

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© Anna Kim Photography

Shooting Destination Weddings in Your Own Hometown

You don't need to fly to exotic locales to capture beautiful destination photos for your clients.

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© Dean Bradshaw

Dean Bradshaw: From Zoologist to Conceptual Portrait Photographer

This Australian expat discusses his rollercoaster path to a budding filmmaking career.

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© Callaway Gable

Avoiding Local Photo Clichés at Destination Weddings

Five photographers share their tips for not ruining a beautiful destination with the same old, tired images.

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© Nordica Photography

Going the Extra Mile—Adventurous Wedding and Engagement Shoots [Gallery]

How three photographers have saddled up for couples expanding the horizons on their destination shoots.

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© Scott Robert Lim

How to Book the $10k Wedding

Learn how to hone your brand to get the luxury clients you're looking for.

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© Karen Seifert

Traveling the World (While Staying Sane)

So you're a jet-setting photographer? Here are some rules of thumb and tips to make the packing and traveling process a bit easier.
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© Peter Hurley

© Victoria Will

The Return of Victoria Will, Dennis Orchard and the Disposable Camera

The wedding and portrait photography news, products and innovations of the month.

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© Andy Owen

Getting That Genuine Cinematic Look with DSLR Video

It takes the right recipe of camera settings, movement, lighting and post processing.

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The Day I Operated On My iMac

Break out the screwdrivers and upgrade your computer's internal components for a DIY performance boost.

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© Jason Groupp

What Are the Elements of an Awesome Photo?

With WPPI-C in full swing, here are some things to keep in mind.
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