© Jeff Rojas

High Fashion, Small Market: How to Shoot Editorial Anywhere

Putting together a high-fashion editorial is possible, no matter where you live.

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© Sue Bryce

Branding with Blair: How to Set Yourself Apart with Strong Marketing Strategies

A Q&A with a 30 Rising Stars nominator on making an impactful site, attracting clients and getting published.

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© Vanessa Joy

Vanessa Joy on How to Create Light with Off-Camera Flash

Wedding photographer Vanessa Joy breaks down how she used her off-camera flash in one scenario to turn natural light into a dreamscape.

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© Logan Cole

How to Convert Instagram Followers into Dollars

So you want your Instagram feed to boost your photo business? Find out how these savvy shooters did just that.

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How To Create A Slow-Motion Photo Booth (And What it Can Add to Your Business)

We break down the slow-motion technique, and talk to a few photographers who are trying out the medium with their own methods.

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Photo © Elizabeth Leitzell

Double Vision: Photographers Balance Parallel Businesses

Can you successfully pursue more than one photographic career at a time? Three pros explain how they do it. 

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Photo © Roberto Valenzuela

Roberto Valenzuela's Medium Format Photography

In searching for new inspiration, wedding photography Robert Valenzuela found it in the form of a medium-format digital camera.
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4 DIY Photo Projects to Try at Home

From using an old film canister as a flash diffuser to making photo light stencils shine at night, you don't have to pay the big bucks to get the best shots.

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© Maria Hibbs

DIY Photo Studio Makeovers

Finding an affordable studio can be challenging. And whether you’re meeting potential clients or staging full-scale photo shoots, you want the space to be both functional and esthetically pleasing. We asked the photographers to share their tips for transforming a raw space into a working studio without breaking the bank.

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Bad Lighting, Great Wedding Photos

In Rangefinder's September 2013 cover story, photographer Ryan Brenizer explains how he turns challenging lighting, weather and settings into stellar wedding photographs.

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Kristie Lee

Kristie Lee, Dog Whisperer

New York-based photographer Kristie Lee's pet portraits capture lovable canines' true personalities.

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© David Tejada

David Tejada: Small Strobe Guru

Corporate photographer David Tejada uses portable strobes and modifiers to shape a scene, guide the eye, and create easy-to-implement lighting patterns and solutions.
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© Billy Kidd

Social Butterflies

Three photographers reveal how they gained mega-followers—and consequently mega-clients—by honing in on one particular social media platform suited to their brand.

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Going Mobile

Rangefinder presents ten apps that will actually benefit your business. 

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