© Nicholas Nixon

A Book of the Brown Sisters, an Exhibition of Visionaries, Editing Keyboard Skins and More

The wedding and portrait photography news, products and exhibits from February 2015. 

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© Dan Winters

© Angela Bacon-Kidwell

Photo Finish: "A Faithful Surrender" by Angela Bacon-Kidwell

A photographer discusses one of the images from her "Home By Nightfall" series.
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© Shane McCauley

December's Book Releases, Gear and Other Photo News

A new online photography learning platform, Brandon Stanton's Little Humans, Tamara Lackey's line of albums and more.
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© Sandro Miller

November's Exhibits, Book Releases, Gear and Other Photo News

Sandro Miller's "Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich" exhibition, a guide to photographing newborns, Pompidoo's chic Amsterdam gear bag and more.
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© Victoria Will

Turning Back Time with Victoria Will

Stars at the Sundance Film Festival sat down with a modern master of tintypes.

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© Deborah Feingold

Exhibit This: October's Shows, Books and Photo News

A photo book of music icons, of long-lasting LGBTQ couples, a show by Moby and more this month.
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© Heidi Lender

Once Upon: Heidi Lender's Stand in Self-Portraiture

A fine-art photographer's personal weekly photo project that combines fashion, design and a faithful pooch.
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© Mike Mellia

Editor's Pick: Mike Mellia Harnesses Both Sides of His Brain

Spearheading both conceptual and photojournalistic styles, this fine-art shooter gets creative with seemingly opposing realms.

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© Leigh Wiener

Exhibit This: September's Star-Studded Shows and Photo Books

An exhibition of country music stars, Dennis Hopper's book of '60s and '70s photography, a collection of shots by Karl Lagerfeld and more this month.
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© Braden Summers

Exhibit This: The Summer's Must-See Photo Shows and Releases

From Marriott's LGBT-friendly #LoveTravels portrait series, to Ari Seth Cohen's 'Advanced Style' documentary, there's a lot to love this summer.
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© Ashly Stohl

Ashly Stohl Captures Super Hero Son

The photographer collaborates with her youngest son, Charlie, a.k.a. Charth Vader. 

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© Matt Henry

Editor's Pick: Matt Henry

This fine-art photographer mysteriously pairs his images together to incite dark, unconfirmed narratives.

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4 Custom Client Gift Ideas

We asked our Facebook followers what was the most customized gift they have ever given a client. They responded with...

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