Westcott Speedlite Kits and Magic Slipper

by Peter Kotsinadelis

April 01, 2011 — Westcott offers two Speedlite Kits designed for portable flash: The Speedlite Kits 2201 and 2202. The 2201 includes the Micro Apollo 5 x 8-in. softbox and Mini Apollo 16 x 16-in. softbox, along with a 5015 Shoe-Mount Umbrella Bracket allows you mount and insert the speedlite directly inside the Apollo and then rotate the speedlite head toward the back of the softbox to provide soft indirect lighting. The L-Bracket ensures your speedlite is centered inside the 16 x 16-in. Mini Apollo. The Micro Apollo rectangular softbox mounts directly on your camera’s flash and will also function as a gel holder.

The Apollo Speedlite Kit 2202 includes a 28-in. Recessed Apollo and the 5015 Shoe-Mount Umbrella Bracket. Like other Apollo softboxes, this 28-in. version requires no adapter ring, for quick set up on-location or in the studio. Using this kit, simply insert your speedlite flash directly inside the Apollo rotating the head toward the back of the softbox to achieve indirect and evenly distributed lighting. The square shapes of the Apollo provides a 104-degree light spread and allows you to scrim or control the light readily. Street Price: $119 for each kit.

The Magic Slipper is a product designed by renowned photographer Bruce Dorn. The Magic Slipper offers a complete and portable system for your speedlite. The speedlite, receiver and battery mount onto the slipper providing one compact unit you can quickly mount onto any light stand. Using a solid metal rotating adapter ring, you can mount any softbox, stripbank or octabank. Street price: $199 Magic Slipper alone; up to $330 with rotating speed ring, tilt bracket and softbox. www.fjwestcott.com

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