May 2012 Insight

by Jacqueline Tobin

Photo: Roberto Valenzuela/ Mural: Android Jones

May 01, 2012

My favorite part of this past February’s WPPI 2012 was watching the Print Competition; it was fascinating to hear the judges’ comments, and how they all worked together to score print entries. The chair of the Premier room (David Anthony Williams) was so intuitive, brilliant and uproariously funny—it was an absolute highlight.

In this issue, we open the forum and give you even more highlights from the many voices of WPPI 2012 on the news, trends and technologies that emerged. These conventions continue to be so successful because they offer wedding and portrait photographers from all over the world the chance to network, share work and discover manufacturers’ “next big thing.” Rangefinder’s own Art Suwansang kicks off with a WPPI recap while 17-year-old Cory Henry gives us an inside look at attending WPPI for the very first time.

Three talented photographers present their impressions of the show in Graphistudio’s Day In the Life of WPPI; Jennifer Hudson shows us why she took home the Grand Award in the Album Competition for her series “Medic”; we catch up with the Premier category’s Grand Award winner Sue Bryce to discuss entering for the first time; and Print and Album Competitions Chair Ken Sklute outlines the elements that judges use to score entries.

Photographer and WPPI speaker Jared Platt breaks down how outsourcing your post production can improve your workflow; while wedding and portrait photographers Kevin Jairaj and Alycia Alvarez outline their top marketing tips to finding and keeping clients for life, and Andrew Darlow gives a quick tutorial on Lab Printing with Lightroom. Of course our wrap-up wouldn’t be complete without technical editor John Rettie’s Trade Show Report. While we gear up for our upcoming shows (WPPI Mexico: Nov. 28-30, 2012, and WPPI 2013: March 7-14), we offer you everything we learned from this past year.

On The Cover:
photographer: Roberto Valenzuela
mural artist: Android Jones
camera: Canon 5D Mark II, Lens 70mm -200mm f/2.8
exposure: Aperture: f/5.6, Shutter Speed: 1/125, ISO 400
location: Downtown Los Angeles
comments: “I took this image because I was drawn to the colorful mural on the wall. To create balance and a more dynamic composition, I positioned the bride and groom near the bottom third of the photo, leaving the green eyes of the Japanese woman in the middle, and her elaborate hairpiece at the top. I used a Canon 580EX II flash off camera with a Radio Popper to create a much-needed lighting separation between the couple and the mural.” 

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