Alexia Sinclair

Alexia Sinclair: A Royal Feast

Several years ago, award-winning Australian photographer Alexia Sinclair set out to create a series of extravagant, meticulously made images of historical queens, sometimes containing hundreds of separately shot elements. <br />

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Nicholas Eveleigh

Au Naturel

“I try to keep my food photography as clean and natural as possible,” say Nicholas Eveleigh, a New York-based editorial and commercial still life photographer. Indeed, the hallmark of Eveleigh’s images is uncluttered compositions that are graphically engaging, bringing out the best in the inherent colors and forms of his subject matter.
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Wes Kroninger

Pushing the Limits for New Orleans

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in August of 2005, hundreds of thousands of homes were destroyed. Three years afterward, more than 35 percent of the city’s pre-Katrina population remained displaced.
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Stan Musilek

Between Two Continents

In 1983 Stan Musilek opened Stan Musilek Photography studio in San Francisco, CA, where he shot a variety of work, including fashion, still life, catalog, editorial, products and advertising. As his popularity spread, the business grew to be known on an international level.
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Juliya Lezhen

Rusty Revelations

“The light in Tucson is incredible,” photographer Juliya Lezhen says. “There was hardly ever a cloudy day, so I never needed to use a flash or other artificial light. Every day I would go out and photograph something.” That “something” for her has been metal, mostly of the rusting, peeling and decaying variety.
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Dominic Rouse

In the Dark

“Were it not for the pain to be found in the wider world, I might not have sought sanctuary in the confinement of my own, where I discovered an endless supply of the raw materials needed to make the images I do,” Dominic Rouse says.
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Brigitte Carnochan

Floating World

Turning to her archives, Carnochan began poring over some of her favorite unused negatives and discovered that many of the minor negative flaws that are impossible to correct in the darkroom were suddenly easy to address digitally.
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Joseph Llanes

Portraits of Presence

Joseph Llanes attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA, where he studied with some masters of photography—Ken Merfeld, Paul Jasmin and Jeff Sedlik, among others. And you can indeed see the influences of each of these instructors in Llanes’ work.
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Brian Demint

Fashion Meets the Eye

It would be a stretch to describe Joplin, MO, as an international center of cutting edge fashion design or photography, but you certainly could be convinced it was by the eye-grabbing, provocative images from Brian DeMint’s Eyeworks Photography.
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Dave Hill

Composite World

No matter how he tried, Dave Hill couldn’t quite get the result he envisioned for Amber Pacific, a four-member band he was shooting in Nashville, TN in 2005. Then a thought came to him—to light and shoot each of the band members separately and stitch the photos together in Photoshop, creating one image with perfectly lit subjects.

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Mattia Balsamini


Photography leads most on a journey down different and often changing paths before arriving at a place of serenity. Some are determined to remain on the journey forever. For Mattia Balsamini a passion for photography has taken him on a journey more than 6100 miles from his home in Italy, so he could discover what truly made him happy.
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Rob Burman

Ordinary to Extraordinary

If you’ve looked through a magazine and saw an ad for Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Converse, Coors, Michelin, Coca-Cola or many others, chances are you have seen the work of master illustrator and retouch artist Rob Burman.
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Mark Zibert

Probably Impossible

With precious advertising budgets being split between different sources of media, how does an ad photographer stay on top? Ask Canadian whiz kid Mark Zibert. After landing his first job for Nike 10 years ago, he’s become a sought-after international talent, and his skills just keep on growing.
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Mallory Morrison

Liquid Light

We’ve all had dreams of floating through a surreal space, moving our limbs slowly through a viscous, resistant material that makes every step a slow motion leap, every movement a prolonged gesture. The masterful underwater photography of Mallory Morrison is reminiscent of those calm, suspended dreams, but the final imagery belies the effort, skill and coordination that each of these surreal images requires.
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